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Julia Tindall Bloom is a human with an appetite for learning and a question mark tattooed on her brain. She is a woman who sings and writes and loves to eat and drink and be merry, but in her own introverted ways. She is married to her best friend and multi-tasker Nathan Bloom (with whom she records and performs as Cabin of Love, and the two of them also play together with The Foragers). She is a recovering Christian fundamentalist who used to know it all but has learned more since then, enough to wonder – about and at – just about everything.

Since 2016 Julia has been a member of the international songwriting group songaweek.org, and most of the time since then she’s been writing and recording a song every week.

Julia and Nathan share thoughts and tips on sustainable living at golopomo.wordpress.com.

In 2016, the book Frankenchurch was published, which Julia co-authored with Larry Tindall (her father) and Matt Bissonette.

From 2012-2014, Julia kept a separate blog drilling deeper into her own faith and doubt journey, and still welcomes conversation around those posts (which may or may not reflect all of her current views!) – faithedout.wordpress.com

Julia lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where she enjoys walks along the river, sampling craft beer, making music, and renovating a house that’s been standing on the bluff overlooking the mighty Mississippi for more than a century.


  1. Hi sweetie! I love your writing; it makes me smile on the inside and on the outside. Love you,

  2. Hi there! I am new to blogging and stumbled upon your blog through the “tag” faith and doubt. I’ve read several of your posts and we seem to have a lot in common. I’ll be checking in on your blog, as I need other people around me who are believers yet “doubt friendly”!

    • Welcome to the blogosphere, LLM! Thanks for saying hello and reading here. I enjoyed looking through your blog too.

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