Love is Always Beginning

So I write a song a month this year instead of a song a week, and May’s two-minute song makes it in on the last day of the month! Busy times but love is always beginning and life starts over again (that’s about a third of the lyrics right there). In May I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary with my beloved Nathan, who also celebrated his 50th birthday. This song does feel apropos for those things.

Love is always beginning
Love embraces the end
Life is constantly spinning
Life starts over again

Hold on to the truth that’s holding you
Make friends with the ever-changing view

Another Spring Unfolds

Here’s my song for April, a meteorological rollercoaster ride in Minnesota.

Green returns tender and true
April dawns ancient and new
I remember how this goes, another spring unfolds

Shoots break through, blossoms open
Skin drinks in warmth of the sun
I remember how this goes, another spring unfolds

Nothing’s new under the sun
Still I thrill once again

Snow recedes, snow falls again
We hold on, we know we can
We remember how this goes, another spring unfolds

And the river will rise and the flood will wash us clean again

Tonight the Light

February often feels like the longest month. And then comes March. Here’s my song for March 2023.

Let’s take it easy, take a deep breath, let it go
We’re gonna make it, we can take it, I just know we will

Tonight the light feels cold and blue
Hello my love oh how are you?

I lost the feeling in my fingers, in my heart
Winter is leaving, guess that might mean we can start again

Tonight the light is breaking through
Hello my love oh how are you?

March through the snow, through the mud, through the tears
Till spring brings us songbirds, brings us flowers, brings us here once more

Tonight the light is warm and new
Hello my love oh how are you?

Tonight the light shines in your smile
Hello my love it’s been a while

February Breakup

I’m squeezing in my song for February on the last day of this shortest longest month. It’s a breakup song and if you, like me, have ever lived up north from October through February, I think you’ll know what I’m getting at here. Played on a backup guitar because my beautiful Lucinda Taylor is undergoing repairs (three cracks from a previous winter’s cold spell reopened this year – I have learned my lesson and will keep her in her case with a regularly-moistened dampit in the winter!).

You and me I think we’re through
I think I’ve had enough of you
So take yourself somewhere else
They might just welcome you in hell

Oh, just go

You looked so good months ago
Pristine, glistening starlit glow
But lately you’re just cold hard light
And you don’t keep me warm at night

Oh, just go

No one here wants you around

I’m sick of wearing all these clothes
And losing feeling in my toes
Can’t wait to bare my arms and legs
When you’re finally gone away

Oh, just go

No one here wants you around

You had your time, now move along
I’m done with you and this song

You’ve Got it Bad So Good

In 2023 I’m changing my songwriting pacing from a song a week to a song a month. Partly because I’m now working 30 hours a week at my day job and partly so I can spend more bandwidth working with songs I’ve already written – playing out and recording.

January’s song feels like it should be February’s but oh well, here it is . . .

You can’t think when you’re with that gorgeous soul
You think of nothing else when you’re alone
Oh you’ve got it bad
And it feels so good

There’s a name on repeat in your ears
A face your mind will not let disappear
Oh you’ve got it bad
And it feels so good

Hold it close
Sing it out
Let the whole world feel the truth
Oh, you’re in love
And it’s got you good