Midnight Clear

A friend e-mailed me yesterday – “Julia! Where’s the family Christmas video?!” And I realized I had only posted it on Facebook and not shared it through my other usual online portals.

I’m so touched and encouraged to hear every year from loved ones who look forward to this. Yes I am unmistakeably an introvert, but the older I get, the more I treasure the presence of others in my life.

So – happy holidays to you and yours! May you be filled with courage and kindness as you step into the new decade. We need you today and always – your voice, your face, your perspective, the passion, joy, challenge, wisdom that only you can bring us.

Taking Everything Slow

“Why do we always lose our childlike faith/ the moment we attain our childhood dream?” A song about aging, moving west, failure that heals and progress that kills. And some other stuff I’m not sure about . . .



Take this song and shove it if you want to

Take this tune and turn it out of doors

These words are just a caffeinated frenzy

Scribbled on the napkin of your soul


I used to be a ballerina poet

Dancing through a rainbow-colored world

Now I dig for water in the desert

Jump for joy each time the thunder rolls


Oooh, I’m taking everything slow.

Oooh, how slow, how low can I go?


I rode out west to chase the infinite sunset

To swallow ghost towns whole inside my heart

To lose my old religion in the canyons

But morning always catches up with me


Oooh, I’m taking everything slow.

Oooh, how slow, how low can I go?


Hold that thought close to your unblinking mind

Watch how it withers right there on the vine


They’re taking applications for a mystery

They’re ticking off a transcendental(bucket)(l)ist

With wrecking balls and shopping malls to heal us

And freeways to escape our burned-out past


Remember when you couldn’t wait to grow up

To live your life exactly as you pleased?

Why do we always lose our childlike faith

The moment we attain our childhood dream?


Oooh, I’m taking everything slow.

Oooh, how slow, how low can I go?


Rubik’s Cube the Movie – the Song – the Dance Mix!

In case you aren’t in my family or among my brother’s Facebook friends, here’s a little video song he and I co-created that you may not have seen yet. He filmed his son solving a Rubik’s Cube, then posted it on Facebook sped up, with “Flight of the Bumblebee” for a soundtrack. But he was concerned about copyright laws, so he asked if I would write a song for the video, which he then reposted, copyright-infringement-free.

Today I made a dance mix and posted it on my Soundcloud page, where you can download it for free: https://soundcloud.com/julia-tindall-bloom/rubiks-cube-dance-mix 

Incidentally, the original video length was 3:45. My nephew has now honed his record to 1:11! Proud auntie here.