Winter Gardening

Under the snow is buried treasure.

Breathing cold quiet sterile air, I remember that in the ground are the hearts of the plants I happily nurture during the warmer months. I see the past and also the potential. Winter is the canvas for my gardening dreams, which makes this season precious. The work of the dreaming season is to build the desire that fuels the hard work of the growing season.

I remember where everything grew, and I recall my dreams of last winter. Some of them I carried out in the growing season, some changed shape, some were discarded, some set aside for another year. Now I file through the ones set aside. I reimagine the landscape, fill it in with memories and dreams.

Standing there in the quiet and the white, anything is possible. The sky is the limit in this moment when I need no money, no time, no muscle or tools to do the work that’s needed – the dreaming.

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  1. Oh my, it’s amazing how you reached into my soul with this post. The dreaming will soon turn into pressing seeds into starting medium and watching them grow until they are ready to be taken out into the sunshine and planted in my garden. Kind of like watching our children grow and sending them out to discover their place in the world and lift their faces to the Son for nourishment.

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