In Twenty Years

I attended my friend Victoria Peterson-Hilleque’s poetry reading last night. She, along with her colleagues Sarah, Andrea, Didi, and Jill shared poems from the manuscripts they created for completion of the Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing at Hamline University. I enjoyed all the poets’ works, and am especially honored to know Victoria and excited for her accomplishment!

Inspired by these writers, I am posting a poem, and purpose to do so more often.

In Twenty Years

© 3/10/2010 Julia Tindall Bloom

In twenty years, maybe less,

These are the things I will wistfully remember:

A small black shoe

A downy white feather

A wide red ribbon

Two silvery little ice skates

A garish plastic necklace

A child-sized guitar

A shoebox-sized pick-up truck



Tiny socks

And a young artist’s scattered portfolio

All these in random places and positions

Throughout my living space

Offending my orderly sensibilities

But alive with the news

Of the burgeoning existences

Of Luthien and Silas.

1 Comment

  1. So few words – so much was said. Thank you for the poem. It made me reflect on the things that remind me of you. I love you – Momma

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