1. Hello Julia,

    I am Bethany Marty’s mother in law and I saw your blog through hers. I just read some of your thoughts and they touched my heart so much that I decided to write and tell you. Thank you.

    I just finished reading a book called”Have you seen my little sister?” by Janina Fischler Martinho (a holocaust survivor). I’d like to recommend that you read it. It’s a very moving story of the author’s life in Cracow during the war. I live in Cracow, so it was especially meaningful to me.

    Keep up the good work on your blog – I hope you don’t mind if I visit it regularly.

    Cindy Marty

  2. Hello Cindy – Thanks very much for your comment! I’m doing a little catching up on the blog right now, sorry to not reply earlier. I have added your book recommendation to my list, and am encouraged by your interest in my writing here.

    (I’m also reminded that we have acquaintances in Poland! My husband and I are starting to think about fulfilling a dream we have had of living abroad with our children short-term, and were trying to make a list of all the people we know who live in other countries. It was discouragingly short!)

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