Prince Charming

[New posts in the works – in the meantime, here’s a poem]

Prince Charming

© 1/7/2010 Julia Tindall Bloom

Prince Charming’s got to go
There’s just no room for him anymore
Not in this mind cramped with memories and questions
Aches and wounds and inconsistencies.

Prince Charming’s got to go
And when he goes
I know that will be the end of him.
He’s too delicate to live.
A lover of my creation,
His lungs have never breathed
The air outside my head.

Sing a song for Charming
He was perfect in my dreams
Swallow Charming whole
He tastes like cotton candy
Dreamy fluff solidifying
To sweet sticky lumps
Like old January ice chunks
That was nice
But I’m still hungry.


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