The Dark

Time for some poetry.

the dark
© 1/28/09 Julia Tindall Bloom

here comes the dark
warm and womblike
out pop the stars
above our heads
we sip our wine
sing a little more
kiss and settle in

here comes the dark
a blanket wrapped around us
we light candles
around the room
make hot cocoa
read stories with the children
drift drowsily to dreamy sleep

here comes the dark
a hungry wolf outside these walls
i plod to bed on heavy feet
weary of all these clothes
escaping to dreamless sleep
holding out

in my mind’s eye
sunlit green
in the earth’s heart
wrinkled seeds
kept for the moment

here comes the sun
a little earlier each day
lingering longer every night
i hear a low far-off train whistle
remember robins
and smile.


  1. Well, Julia, I read the first two stanzas and prematurely jumped to the conclusion that you don’t really understand the dark. Haha, joke’s on me.

    I like the moon because there it is in the dark.

  2. This finishes strong, I confess I often edit other people’s poems in my mind, IMO this poem takes off at “i plod…” to the end, the break after “out” ending the stanza and the next word “in” is clever, (good clever,) you may or may not have intentioned it, anyway it pushes the poem firmly and gently toward a satisfying end. Nice!

    Umm, how do you do poems in WordPress single spaced? I hate putting poems in my FB notes, but I can’t get poems to single space here unless I italicize them! I hate that!

    Don’t know if I have mentioned Mary Oliver to you, she is one of my favorites, she’s sort of like my happy mother. I think you would respond to her stuff, if you’re ever looking to try out a new poet. Start with “American Primitive,” I’d loan it to you if I could find it!

    • Thanks for reading and responding, Nnox. I really like getting feedback on poetry, because I haven’t read enough of it myself and I feel like i have so much to learn about writing it. (btw, the “out” and “in” were unintentional, purely serendipitous 🙂

      To single-space poems in WordPress, i usually have to do this – copy the poem from my original document, paste it into WordPress, then go back and run the lines together (take out the “enters”), then “shift-enter” the beginning of each line. Knowhutimean?

      Thanks too for the Mary Oliver suggestion – i will see if I can get American Primitive from the library.

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