The Alien Race of Giants

Here’s a little bedtime reading . . .

The Alien Race of Giants
8/23/11 Julia Tindall Bloom

Around the campfires of some distant world
Stories are told of a race of giants
Who walk their planet continuously
From the first light of their sun
Right up until darkness
Sometimes even longer.

Then for the other half of their planet’s spin
They lie down and look dead
They hibernate all through the time of darkness.

When they rise with the light of their sun
They are terribly hungry
And half-dead
So they eat birds’ eggs and animal flesh
And drink a magic potion of roasted ground tree seeds.

These giants, it is said,
Can go on living like this for thirty-thousand turns of their planet –
Or more!

And then, usually, there is silence
As this stunning idea is pondered.

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