Honest to God

“The dark night aspect of love is shocking in its contrast to the bright airy quality of love’s beginnings. . .

“Some people find love’s darkness within the context of marriage and partnership. Others go through a long period of distress because for one reason or another they can’t achieve a lasting relationship. Whether you are looking for love or trying to make it work, it can be the most difficult challenge in life and at times may seem absolutely impossible. The impossibility slowly cracks you open, teaches you the limits of human understanding, and gives you a bridge from the human to the divine.” – Thomas Moore, Dark Nights of the Soul

I wrote “Honest to God” from my own war to live both honestly and faithfully in my marriage. The two are not mutually exclusive, though many relationships function as if they are.

And after you’ve made it through my music video above, reward yourself with this one:


  1. This is another great song you guys, also nice clean individual parts and great production. Ya’ll are pros!

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