This Good Friday

Since I wrote this poem in 2010, “the world’s first compostable chip bag” has disappeared from the grocery store shelves. Oh well. We still have Tom Petty and the frozen world is still cracking open.

This Good Friday

On this Good Friday

Jesus died

He was crucified

For the information of those who live under rocks

But I saw other things

A cop kissing a woman

On the street by his car

Two people alone

Smoking outside the bar

A man with a black eye

Scolded by a woman with black hair

The world’s first compostable chip bag

Right there on the grocery store shelf


On this Good Friday

Jesus cried

It is finished

But I heard other things

Tom Petty rocking

Chickens squawking

Children laughing

Frozen world cracking



On this Good Friday

Jesus lay down in the tomb

Now I lie down in my room

Tomorrow I will rise again

But he will wait till Sunday.

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