Summer Blues


Summer Blues
Or, Where Terra Meets Celeste in Places I Have Loved

In this part of Utah
Pink and blue
In my part of Colorado
Blue and white
In my Minnesota prairie home
Green and gray
And intermittent endless blue.


  1. Nice, Julia. This poem brought two things to mind:

    Regina Spektor’s “Blue Lips”: (RS has been getting lots of playtime from me lately; see also “Laughing With”

    Also, another poem that I just discovered and have read several times a day this week–Marie Ponsot’s “From the Fountain at Vauclue.” The color blue winds its way through the piece, but it only reminded me of your poem this morning because I was copying down the line “Unknown, central, central, earth-old, blue, blue.” But I think you’d enjoy the entire poem. I can’t find it anywhere online, but it’s in her volume of collected poems, “Springing:New and Selected Poems” or “Admit Impediment,” which was published in 1981. It’s longish but worth it–themes of gender socialization and power.

    • Love Regina Spektor! But I haven’t actually listened to much of her stuff. So thanks for these tips. And I added the poetry book to my reading list. School starts (for the kids) next week, which means I start more intensively homeschooling myself 🙂 And there’s a beautiful library I need to get better acquainted with here in my new town!

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