Black Dog Road

Once again, Nathan joined in on recording my song for Song a Week 2016, and it was fun! We got our daughter Lu involved in the video-making too. Here’s week 4’s song:

Oh, and as the song suggests, we added a dog to our family. Not something I thought would ever happen (again, after a trial week with a difficult dog a couple years ago), but that’s another story I hope to write about sometime in the near future.

A three-year-old girl under a green bedspread

Dreaming black dogs barking all around her head

At the kitchen table a grown man laughs

Barking like a dog in a monster mask

Hey that was so funny I’m terrified

Now pack it up honey let’s take a ride

on Black Dog Road

Black Dog Road

I keep coming back to Black Dog Road

Standing with her family when she’s ten years old

She meets a black dog sheltered in a Valley of Gold

On the ride back home she whispers I love you

The nightmares gone, now her dreams have come true

A thirty-something woman drives alone at night

Has to pull the car over it’s not running right

And the exit name, wouldn’t you know

All glowing on a green sign, Black Dog Road

Now she’s a ten-year-old’s mother and her kid wants a dog

She won’t settle for a cat or a fish or a frog

They talk and talk and talk for a number of years

Then out of the blue a black dog appears

And the mom and dad and the kids agree

He belongs at home in their family

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