Daylight Saving Time (Marching On)

We sprang forward last week. Because that’s what we do. I wrote this song on a gorgeous spring day, and recorded it on a snowy cold one. Ah, March.

Anyhoo, here it is, my song for week 11 of #songaweek2016.

the light and the birds are coming back

kids and the dog rolling in the grass

guess we’re happy here for another year

eggs in the coop laundry on the line

a fine-looking man who’s mine all mine

I’m a satisfied one for another month

tuck an hour away

get it back someday

pizzas in the oven, beer in the fridge

we’ll take a Friday night flight in the TARDIS

sweet sigh of relief for another week

the outside’s breezing through the house

blue sky getting scrubbed with fluffy clouds

think we’ll be okay for another day

tuck an hour away

get it back someday

marching, marching,

time keeps marching on

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