Life in These United Hates

When writing my Week 24 song for #songaweek2016, I was feeling the weight of hate in our country – the Orlando shooting, Donald Trump rallies, comments sections and Internet memes of all stripes.

Tried to write something coherent, but I think I felt most strongly the wordless singing part. Not my best week, too squeezed for time this time, but I’m committed to doing this every week and posting it here, so here it is. With electric guitar by Nathan Bloom.

This can’t go on forever

this can’t be all we’ve got

this summer afternoon that’s raging

bloody blazing hot

but does that mean that nightmares

are clinging to its heels?

and for the thousandth time the moon

looks sadly down on killing fields?

Aah . . .


I wish you hope and courage

and strength and wisdom too

I wish you all the healing balm

that love and peace need to take root

and when your heart attacks you

with fear and dull despair

I wish you hands that hold your own

and voices vowing, I am here.




  1. Julia–

    I’ve resurfaced from the Land of Academia, now trying to catch up on some of your work. You’re blowing me away with your commitment to this challenge! I had to write a song for a class last semester, and just that one was exhausting. Also, I feel like it’s a challenge to me, because this rascal in my head just asked, “What if I tried to produce a piece of writing every week for a year?” Not saying I’m going to try, but it’s something to consider.

    This has been a difficult year in this country, and I appreciate your thoughtful music as I try to process all the hate that we seem to be steeping in. Including my own hate.

    Keep it up.


    • Hey Jodi – thanks so much for listening and commenting! I like the way that rascal thinks 🙂 I miss your writing. (Not that even if you did write someting every week, you’d necessarily make it public – but anything you want to share, it’d be great!)

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