The Big Bad World, Little Pigs and Miss Universe

All truth and life and beauty has a dark side, and without facing it, without naming the despicable and the frightening and the pain and cruelty, truth/life/beauty get stalled and stunted.

At least that’s what I think this song I wrote for week 30 of #songaweek2016 is sort of about . . .

the big bad world gonna eat you up
he be knocking at your door, knocking at your door
he gonna drag you out by your pant leg cuff
and swallow you down to his stony core
sweet dreams be yours, and peaceful sleep
and pray the lord your soul to keep

we’re little pigs living high on the hog
we be working for the man, burning up the dinosaurs
we got a chicken boiling in every pot
we be living off the spoils of our soldier ant farm wars
milk and honey always kept on tap
till cows and colonies collapse

miss universe wears a space-time scarf
she stabbing craters with stilettos, sucking stars like cigarettes
cold shoulders encasing an icy heart
you can see forever through the black holes in her dress
maps get lost and wells run dry
beauty queens and saviours die


  1. Julia, I am listening (re-listening) to your songs, for some reason I think I missed this one, anyway the song is cool, and, I apologize for this lame word: “quirky.” And I noticed the artwork is (I think) used on a David Sedaris book…am I right? Is that where you got it? If so, double cool (and quirky).

    • Thanks for commenting on this little outlier song 🙂 This one just sort-of imposed itself on me. “The big bad world gonna eat you up” appeared and then got stuck in my head weeks before I went back and finished the rest of the song, but it was a good process writing it and I hope to go back and make a better recording sometime. (Nathan and I have messed around with some harmonica on this, it takes it in a fun direction.)

      Now that you mention it, I think maybe I have seen that image connected with David Sedaris. I got it from – it’s a Van Gogh painting, “Skull with Burning Cigarette.”

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