And So It Goes

Week 38 of #songaweek2016 had an added challenge – write a song using only one chord. So I took it up, and made a rough live recording with my phone, while the girl was sitting nearby talking to me and the boy was outside jumping on the trampoline – all of which you can hear in the recording. A day in the life – a day in a very rich life.

and so it goes
and on and on
so on and so forth
et cetera

what you see
is what you get
unless you’re looking
past your reach

roll the dice
toss a coin
spin the bottle
pick a card (any card)


  1. One chord song, cool! I’m always amazed thinking about my favorite two chord song, “Unknown Legend” by Neil Young. I have this habit of trying to be complicated and then ending up with forgettable mush and 45 wasted minutes, the few and far between moments I actually pick up my guitar. If I just shake my hands out and sigh a bit and then bang a chord really loud sometimes I find a little something, and inevitably simple is better. Listening to this I of coursed wanted badly for you to move to a D chord and fill out the song (and no doubt you had the same urge), but is a cool assignment to restrict yourself like this.

    Anyway, you definitely have the ability to find interesting melodies, I bet you could pull off a two chord song no problem!

    • Hey Nnox – thanks for listening! I love that song by Neil Young. “her long blond hair flying in the wind . . .” Loved that whole album.

  2. I’m awed & inspired. I remember Lou Reed saying, anyone who’s making up three-chord songs is writing jazz … I love the simple beauty of what you’ve done.

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