Day three in my “Leaving Loveland” challenge.

Behold the glory of Esh’s:


(Okay, the glory is more inside than out, but this is the photo I got today.)

This discount grocery store has amazing deals and unique finds every time I shop – and it has become my main grocery store. This location is actually the newer huger version of the first and smaller location, which is equally fun and not quite so overwhelmingly large and full of choices.

My favorite finds today – bell peppers at four for a dollar (which is pretty much the standing price), strawberries for $3 per pound, pasture-raised free-range eggs for 99 cents per dozen. I love shopping here because the food is so affordable and I also know that without this store filling this niche (buying product other grocery stores are getting rid of), much of this food would otherwise be wasted.

It’s funny that the first week I decided to post a photo of something I love about Loveland every day, we’ve had so many gray days. Today it rained all day! But the water is always welcome (well, except when it floods, like it did our first year here, in 2013).


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