The Overlook at Fourth Street

Day twelve in my “Leaving Loveland” challenge.


Most mornings I walk Silas to school, and just a couple blocks out of my way is this fine overlook.


Often there are horses grazing in that pasture, and water running through the ditch in the foreground. The snowy peaks here are called the Mummy Range, I think because from one perspective you can trace an outline that looks like a mummy.

When you’re standing at this little overlook, you can look off to the south (the left, out of the picture above) and see the taller and also snowy peaks of Long’s and Meeker.

*Note: I originally published this as “The Overlook on Fifth Street” this morning. Then when I walked Silas home from school today, I realized this is actually Fourth Street. The blogger regrets the error. 🙂


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