Laundry Day

Day nineteen of my “Leaving Loveland” challenge.


Although the dry climate here in Colorado induces even more nosebleeds for those of us already prone to them (my son told me he had three throughout the day today!), one thing I appreciate about it is the complete irrelevance of a clothes dryer. It’s just not a worthwhile appliance to own and maintain here, in my humble (and minimalist) opinion. So when we bought this house which didn’t include a washer or dryer, we only bought a washer.

Most of the year, even many days during winter, we can hang our clothes outside, and especially when there’s sunshine, they’ll dry within a couple hours. (A high-quality front-loading washer with a high-speed spin cycle helps a lot too!) On rainy or too-cold days, we hang laundry in the basement, which humidifies the even-dryer indoor air from our forced-air heating system.




  1. This post tugs at my heartstrings. Ever since that formative term I spent at English L’Abri in 2004, hanging the laundry out to dry has had a certain romance about it. The 17th century Manor House had all manner of indoor contraptions for clothes-drying, from lines in the attic rafters to a rack on pulleys that could be raised and lowered above the AGA kitchen stove, but it was those rare spring days when Lois and I would carry baskets full of linens out to hang in the sunshine that thrilled me most. Thanks for that trip down memory lane!

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