Foote Lagoon

Day 21 in my “Leaving Loveland” challenge.


Across the street from our house is the Foote Lagoon, surrounded by meandering sidewalks and city buildings including the public library and Chilson Recreation Center (and of course sculptures, but you probably already knew that!).

Here’s the big fountain at one end:


In the summer bands set up where that fountain is (it doesn’t run then!) and perform for free on Thursday evenings. People sit around this little amphitheater to hear the music.


This whole area was just drained and cleaned, and all this water was freshly added just yesterday or today. So the whale fin sculpture below wasn’t making the farting noises today it was making last year, when I’m assuming one of its waterspouts was partially plugged. The kids always got a kick out of that!


I wish I could share the lilac smell in this post, but this photo will have to do:


When Nathan and I were married in Minnesota in 1998, we set our wedding date for May 2nd and wildly hoped that just maybe there would be lilacs blooming by then. There weren’t that year, but the marriage has worked out anyway! But every year here in Loveland it amazes me that lilacs are in full and fragrant bloom in April!

And just one more, non-related, a photo I took last night after a heavy downpour when a rainbow appeared and the kids were having fun on the wet trampoline:


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