The Last Week

Day 44 and the end of my “Leaving Loveland” challenge.

Today was the kids’ last day of school. Yesterday was Nathan’s last day of work, and the day before that was my last day as music director at our church.

So it just seems fitting that even though we’re not pulling out of Loveland for good until June 19th, I’m going to end my little blog series of things I love about Loveland.

There’s plenty more I could add, but I must admit that my heart is really leaning towards Minnesota now and also there are many things to do to prepare for our move. AND we are excited that next week we will embark on a week-long tour of five national parks in the region with Nathan’s parents, who are coming out for a visit. This will include the Grand Canyon, and it will be the first time any of us will have seen it.

So I’m off on my own mini summer break here in Colorado, and will resume blogging after we make our move. Maybe there will be fun new things to post as I discover my new neighborhood there.

Much love from – and to – Loveland, Colorado!

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