This Song’s Not Gonna Write Itself

Week 23’s #songaweek2018 suggested theme was “laziness.” I went with it. Here’s a song I wrote in about an hour, with the aid of a cup of coffee and a rhyming dictionary. If you look up “self” in my rhyming dictionary, you find a few compound words ending in “self” along with only these other unique words – “elf,” “pelf,” “shelf,” and “Guelf.” So that pretty much directed my lazy songwriting.

When I went to film and record the song, I discovered that the camera tripod was in use with a laser level for our kitchen renovation, and decided it was perfectly appropriate to be too lazy to take it apart; and instead just set the camera on a chair and film whatever fell within that range. Which meant my face was excluded, so then I filmed another track with just my face and added it later.

So here you are, lazy songwriting, recording, and filming all in one convenient package:

This song’s not gonna write itself
I gotta bring it a cup of coffee
And take that rhyming dictionary off the shelf
And see where it might lead me

Woo hoo hoo, woo hoo hoo
Woo hoo hoo, hoo hoo
Woo hoo hoo, woo hoo hoo
Woo hoo hoo

This song’s not gonna write itself
I better make it a sandwich
And look up the definition of “pelf”
and see if I can work it in

Woo hoo hoo . . .

I highly doubt there was an incognito elf
who politically identified as Guelf
All I know is this song won’t write itself

This song’s not gonna right itself
It’s probably best if we just let it sink
Also I’m out of words that rhyme with “self”
It really kinda makes you think

Woo hoo hoo . . .


  1. Amidst all of your, sometimes heavy, usually deeply contemplative, “dealing with life” lyrics, it’s always refreshing when you go shallower and have some fun with a song.

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