45 RPM

My laptop is in for repair so I’m posting from my old iPhone with a cracked screen, therefore not writing a long post about my song for week 45 of #songaweek2018.

It can speak for itself though. Lyrics are in the description on the YouTube page. Maybe when I have a computer again I’ll type them in here.

I had a hard time thinking up a title so I used the week number for songaweek (45) plus the RPM idea because you need many revolutions per minute to move.

It wasn’t my blood
It wasn’t my genes
That made me what we call white
It’s not who I am
But it’s what I know
And even more what I don’t know
And never had to learn

It was lies and fear
It was us or them
It was take all that you can
And tell yourself and your children
Other people aren’t like us

It’s not what I asked for
But it’s what I got
this murderous birthright
It’s not who I am
But it sticks to my skin
And thrives the more I deny
That it’s there at all

I am not the fixer
I don’t have the answer
I’m just another sister
Struggling with this cancer
I’m part of the problem
I’m part of the solution
To really move the needle we need
A million revolutions




  1. AND …yet another one that is so relevant, so thought-provoking, so “where we are”, culturally! Please produce this one and get it out to John Q. Public!!
    Love you, Dear.

    • Thanks Dad. I’m looking forward to slowing my writing pace next year and spending some time perusing through previous years’ songs for some deeper edits; appreciate the feedback, maybe I’ll give this one some more attention in the future!

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