Sunny and Cold

This week’s weather in Minnesota – and even Texas!! – am I right?! It’s nothing worse than I expect for living here and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about the coldest winter days, when it’s too cold to snow and you can practically feel your nose getting ready to bleed when you step out your front door; it’s that with the intense cold comes intense sunshine and bluebird skies. And I’ve decided after all these years that there’s something to love about sunny and cold.

I wrote most of the lyrics for this week’s song while out on walks with Cody (my dog) in the sunny and cold. This is a one-take live video and audio recording made about an hour after I brought my jumble of lyric ideas into my studio today and hashed it all out into a song. I rarely write, record and publish all on the same day but time was running short this week so here we are.

Sunny and cold still cheers my soul
It’s the sparkle of the light on the satin snow
It’s the red geranium in the windowsill
On a golden afternoon

Cold and sunny like a jar of honey
Amber glow
Sleepy flow
Sunny and cold like a twelve-year-old
All the fire of youth
All the chill of give me the truth

Sunny and cold still warms my heart
It’s a parka wrapped around my tender parts
It’s the people in the park walking happy dogs
And the smiles in our eyes

Cold and sunny like a wad of money
Burning a hole
Freezing your soul
Sunny and cold like a secret told
Flaming passion
Cooling ashes

*Note – I’ve gone off Facebook for Lent and so instead of posting my weekly songs there as I have been doing the past couple years, I’ll be posting them here on my blog. I’m secretly hoping that doing this will motivate me to *keep* posting on my blog each week even when (if?) I go back to the big FB.

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