Fire Inside

One thing pandemic life has taught me is how to write a song at a moment’s notice. Today my afternoon brought me an unexpected two hours to myself, so I set everything aside and started writing just a few minutes after the door closed and I was alone in the house. It’s become almost a habit now, to sit down and write till I get stuck, then take the dog for a walk and try to work out the rest of it. Which is how I finished this one.

The prompt for #songaweek2021’s week 14 is “inside there’s a fire” which was in front of me as I was writing this one, and I liked it enough to take my title from it too.

This week I have a cold so I got to use my low notes. Also I’ve upgraded my blog so I can now directly embed audio files here, rather than linking to Soundcloud. I didn’t make a video this week since I’m not feeling the greatest, wanted the recording process to be low-hassle.

Oh, maybe you can tell I’ve been hearing a lot of U2 lately thanks to my daughter having newly discovered them and playing their music pretty much exclusively all the time. I think some of Bono’s vocalizing influenced me 🙂

I’m sitting on the back steps on an April afternoon
Just minding my own business, making up a little tune
Nothing’s wrong
In this song
Sun shining and the birds are singing and the rain falls now and then
Grass growing, little buds are showing on the ends of waking stems
Is breathing

My heart keeps beating at the bars
Of this bony cage

I’m lying on my back one summer night when I was young
Eyes gazing through the blackness at a million sparkling suns
Up is down
Lost is found
Hand of another holding mine and fingers intertwined
Just-blossomed lovers coming close in body and in mind
So damn true
So brand new

My heart is pulsing with the stars
Through this eager flesh 

I’m looking for the way back to the best that’s yet to come
I’m jumping in the river just to find out where it runs
Sink or swim
I’m all in
My heart perpetually starts
And starts again


  1. Even with a cold, you sound great. I love that “Nothing’s wrong” line.

  2. This is absolutely lovely for a cold-riddled voice, Julia! I love all the imagery you’ve got woven throughout the lyrics! The two line bits about “my heart”? So, so good. Really well done! Hope you feel better soon!

    • Yeah – that’s a cold I should probably catch 😉
      I love these beautiful harmonies – you have such a great ear for those.

    • Thank you Erin! One thing I like about getting a cold is I can sing lower notes more easily 🙂 And thankfully, I am *finally* almost back to normal now, about three weeks after starting with this thing!

  3. Love the easy feeling of this song, and the harmonies of course. Beautiful, Julia!

  4. Terrific song, fabulous lyrics with such powerful imagery. I am taken away into your magic garden.

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