Hold Me Close Like a Telephone

In the course of writing this song I discovered that Bob Dylan cowrote the song “Wagon Wheel” and also that Darius Rucker of one of high-school-me’s favorite bands Hootie and the Blowfish did a cover of it, in addition to the one I had heard before by Old Crow Medicine Show.

I learned all that because after I wrote this song it kept nagging me that I had copied something somehow. My subconscious went to work and got me the answer, and Google confirmed it and taught me all those other details.

For artistic integrity (and/or because I’m just not taking the time this week for a big recording), I sang this one into my phone.

Here it is, my song for week 18 of #songaweek2021:

I don’t mean to be rude, I mean I never mean to be mean
Some days feel no good, so no no good to keep all to myself

Hold me close like a telephone
Ring me round with whispers of your love

There’s nothing we can do to change the days we left behind us
Every moment’s new, and this one’s telling us we can be too

Hold me close like a telephone
Ring me round with whispers of your love

There’s something to be said for everybody saying something
Nice and kind of kind to help each other help each other smile

Let’s hold our world like a telephone
Ring it round with whispers of our love


  1. This sounded great, Julia! Really enjoyed the simplicity of it and the phone recording worked well. Also, never would have made the WW connection. *shrugs* IMO, that’s a good thing. 😉

    • Thanks Erin! Yeah it’s definitely not a country song like WW, not a wholesale copy at all. I just remember when I was writing it, thinking I really wanted a metaphor “like a . . . [word with three syllables that feels a little unexpected]” – and I think I had WW in mind with that idea.

  2. This is amazing that you can just sing this into your phone!! And sound this good.!
    I really like the chorus melody.
    Nikki Dean

  3. I love the story of your google search in earnest thinking “is this a song somewhere already?” Thats the beauty of connection with the old old songs we know- they impart a little and speak into the new ones we write.
    “Let’s hold our world like a telephone
    Ring it round with whispers of our love”

    the song concept is stunning btw.love it

  4. What a great title for a song – I think I’d have gone a lot more jealous with it – I’ve been jilted for a telephone many a time 🙂 I’m thinking Jolene by Dolly Parton – I cannot compete with you IPad.

    This one however, is sweet, and lovely, and cosy – thanks for sharing.

    • Ha I love that idea! It’d be fun to hear what you could come up with in that vein, you have my complete blessing to use the title phrase.

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