Pink Balloon

For Week 44 #songaweek2021 I actually followed the prompt. I spent a good part of my songwriting afternoon working on a different song that just wasn’t coming together. Then I decided to set it aside and just try the prompt (“buy me a pink balloon”) and this song was written and recorded in about an hour.

Nothing earth-shattering, nice to have a light easy new song. Nathan has since come up with a nice electric guitar part so we’ll probably add this one to our performance repertoire.

If you are going to the fair
Buy me a pink balloon
If it gets dark out while you’re there
bring me back the moon

I’m not the girl you hoped you’d meet
But you still think I’m sweet
Why don’t you come and see me soon
And bring me a pink balloon

If you are feeling sad and blue
You can call me up
Maybe I’ll bring a pink balloon
And that’ll cheer you up

You’re not the man I dreamed I’d find
But you’re still on my mind
I might just go and see you soon
And bring you a pink balloon

Also, for further listening enjoyment, here is another song-a-week-er’s take on the theme, which I found really poignant and sweet.


  1. This is so, so lovely!!! ❤️ What a daymaker,Theresa 

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