February Breakup

I’m squeezing in my song for February on the last day of this shortest longest month. It’s a breakup song and if you, like me, have ever lived up north from October through February, I think you’ll know what I’m getting at here. Played on a backup guitar because my beautiful Lucinda Taylor is undergoing repairs (three cracks from a previous winter’s cold spell reopened this year – I have learned my lesson and will keep her in her case with a regularly-moistened dampit in the winter!).

You and me I think we’re through
I think I’ve had enough of you
So take yourself somewhere else
They might just welcome you in hell

Oh, just go

You looked so good months ago
Pristine, glistening starlit glow
But lately you’re just cold hard light
And you don’t keep me warm at night

Oh, just go

No one here wants you around

I’m sick of wearing all these clothes
And losing feeling in my toes
Can’t wait to bare my arms and legs
When you’re finally gone away

Oh, just go

No one here wants you around

You had your time, now move along
I’m done with you and this song


  1. YEAH – What she said – Just GO!!! (and so sorry to hear about Lucinda😞).

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