New videosong for Advent season –


copyright 2010 Julia Bloom

Her angel was a plastic strip with two lines colored pink
No spirit overshadowed her except a couple drinks
No holy child was prophesied, no savior for the world
No mystical experience, just cliche boy and girl
But this baby is a miracle
This baby is a mystery
This baby shakes the universe
This baby rattles history.

In Flanders Fields the poppies grow, the larks fly overhead
At Buchenwald they laid them out, the dead upon the dead
In my house at my kitchen sink, I wash everything clean
Tomorrow I’ll be here again, doing the same thing
We point and stare at miracles
We smile and nod at mysteries
We stagger through the universe
Regurgitating history.

Arise and shine, your light has come, this glory rises over you
Though darkness covers everything, this glory rises over you
The people walking in the dark have seen a great light
And in the land of death’s shadow, there has dawned a light
An inconvenient miracle
Swaddled round with mystery
Growing from the universe
Kept alive through history.