Bai Tong

Day seven in my “Leaving Loveland” challenge.


When we moved to Loveland in 2013, we were discouraged to find that this town of over 70,000 people had no Thai restaurants. Now there are two that I know of, and Bai Tong, within walking distance, has become a favorite date night destination. Today we met friends there for lunch (it was Nathan’s first day not working full time anymore!), and I thoroughly enjoyed my Panang curry with brown rice (and eagerly await the next time I’m hungry when I can finish my leftovers!).

The Last Day of the Month

On the last day of the month

I cook my stash of vegetable peelings and potato water

Into broth for next month’s soups and stews and gravies

Bake the heels and crusts of bread

For crumbs for next month’s casseroles

Gather the nearest-to-perishing perishable food

Refrigerated leftovers

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Search the pantry and the freezer

For whatever can fill out this day of meals

Made of remnants

Nothing is wasted

Yet this feels like abundance

These meals like generous gifts

As we linger after dinner

Filled to satisfaction in body and soul.