Free Holi-night Music

Six-song EP for unhurried listening at the end of the year. Christmas joy mingled with midnight melancholy.original-halo_in_the_frost_album_cover

Last year I made a holiday EP and offered it through Noisetrade, where you can download it for free. It’s called “Halo in the Frost,” and it’s still there in case you missed it the first time around.

Go to to download, and happy holidays (and peaceful holi-nights) to you and yours!

Halo in the Frost

There’s a new Christmas record in town. And it’s free! A gift from me to you. You can listen and download here:

Here’s a new video of one of the songs from the album:

The album also features two previously-recorded songs, Annunciation and Oh Restless Night. Here are the videos we made for those in winters past. Annunciation is still one of my favorite videos we made, even though it was with our lower-quality camera and early in our days of making videos (and Nathan had an unfortunate ankle-cracking experience in the middle of filming):

Season’s greetings to you and yours!