Your Eponine

Let’s declare today St. Eponine’s Day. The day before St. Valentine’s Day should be the day to remember our unrequited loves and the currently unrequited lovers who won’t have an easy time of it tomorrow. Eponine (the tragic character from Les Miserables) will be our patron saint of heartbreak. And not just the romantic kind – there are many kinds of lost-dream grief, as anyone over thirty can attest. This is a song I wrote for all of it.

You see without seeing, know me without knowing me
Kiss without catching my fever of love
You hear but don’t listen, touch me but don’t feel me
Spin me around on this cold dance floor
You are my everything
I am your Eponine.

She has two eyes, but they’re only eyes
And you’ve seen other eyes before
What’s in those two eyes that you’ve never seen
In all of the moments you’ve looked into mine?
She is your everything
I’m just your Eponine.

I’m lost but you have just been found
I’m blinded by the truth
You so clearly see away from me.

Desire betrays me, destiny mocks me
The stars of my dreamworld all fade in her light
I know I’m defeated, I give, I surrender
But where to retreat when my homeland’s forsaken me?
You were my everything
I’m still your Eponine.