The following poem is reprinted with permission from the author.

by Jason Mills

This is what you’ll do, your will decreed,
And I took him up the mountain, raised the blade,
Trusting that the slaughter met some need
Beyond the grasp of creatures you had made,
Proof of faith, if proof were not profane,
That chooses in submission to be blind,
Compelled to make these offerings of pain,
Refusing to believe them undesigned.

Yet not for you, to whom all things are known,
Who stayed my hand in sorrow more than joy;
I it was who needed to be shown
My eagerness to sacrifice the boy.
The falling axe made all mankind anew.
You wept, and whispered, This is what you’ll do.

You can find more of Jason’s work at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/jasonatvitalspotdotf9dotcodotuk. He tells me he hasn’t “squeezed out enough poetry to be worth binding,” but hopefully for the world’s sake that will change! (I came across his work through Goodreads’ poetry group.)