The White Cliffs of Dover

I am pro-peace, and pro-veteran.

Veteran’s Day has often felt awkward and ambiguous to me, because I don’t support so much of my nation’s military action. But this old World War II song got stuck in my head last year, and it seemed fitting to make a video for Veteran’s Day this year.

Sifting through thousands of public domain images of veterans throughout America’s warring history, I pushed the politics aside and saw the faces and bodies of humans who have put themselves on the front lines for their people. I don’t always believe in their cause, but then, I expect that they don’t always either – which makes doing their job that much more difficult.

What I do wholeheartedly believe, is that war wounds soldiers. And so, I wanted to sing to them today.



  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Many of those faces are so young. What are we doing to these beautiful boys (and girls now) that we birth and raise? Is it really worth it?

    • Thank you for listening, blehovec. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, had already felt her kicking, and I was watching a documentary about a war – don’t even remember which one – but I can still remember how viscerally the idea of war struck me in that moment. Mothers’ children dying far away at the hands of strangers because political entities couldn’t get along – suddenly felt so wrong in an entirely new way to me.

      I enjoyed reading your blog – looking forward to more!

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