The larger concern is not he who I shall not name, but the fear and rage pulsing through the crowds he’s riding on.

Here’s my song for Week 9 of #songaweek2016. I wrote the words and did my best to perform them, but Nathan Bloom did *everything* else to make this track work!

My finger’s on your pulse, America, I’ve got you by the throat

I say what’s on my mind, that’s all it takes to get your vote

I make the cameras flash and the crowds roar

I excite you, entice you, leave you panting for more


What’s my name? Say it louder

What’s my name? Say it prouder

Feel the fire, feel the power

I’m a demagogic tower

I’m the savior of the hour

and you love me

no matter what I do

yeah you love me even more

when they tell you not to


You’re an angry adolescent raging against the machine

I’m a millionaire maverick in a limousine

and you believe in me when I say I’ll make you great

You’ll disown your family for me ‘cause you never liked them anyway


You’re burning up with fever, there’s a beam stuck in your eye

but you don’t want a doctor, just want me to keep you high

Here, let me strip off all those bandages and salt your open wounds

and trust me, I’ll be here to seize you when you swoon


  1. “Billionaire maverick,” Julia! We will have “choice” in November…vote to tip our country toward fascism, or vote to retain the same murderous neoliberal ideology we have in Obama…and when I say “neoliberal,” I mean that “she who I shall not name” will make the current assassin in chief seem like a Sunday school teacher in comparison: Hillary’s appetite for global manipulation and destruction far exceeds Obama’s. Either “choice” is ruinous for what remains of our “republic.” I am a delegate for Bernie, and of course I like Bernie, but in the unlikely event he is nominated I will vote for Jill Stein. I am convinced that despite Bernie’s rhetoric, he is little more than a neo-new dealer, ready to make peace with the establishment, ready to make a deal with the political parties, with Wall Street, and with the Pentagon, in order to fend of populist chaos…as did FDR. I caucused for him only to oppose “she who I shall not name.” No, I am convinced that short of revolution, the only way to arrest our current slide toward continuing neoliberal global dominion (and eventual economic and moral collapse) or toward outright fascism, is for the American people to abandon both parties en masse. I really don’t care whether an individual considers him or herself “liberal” or “conservative,” “lefty” or “righty.” Don’t care whether you love guns or whether you love gays. All that matters to me is that people vote third party. There is no “lesser of two evils.” There is only one Janus headed, utterly collusive, ruling class.

    • Nnox lives! I know I repeat myself, but since you aren’t gifting the world with updates to your blog, I am always delighted to find a comment from you on mine.

      I have mostly tuned out the presidential campaign so I’m not anywhere approaching well-informed about the candidates – but your comment seems to sum up the current state of things pretty well. The two-party system has been sliding into this mess for a long time, and sometimes I wonder if Trump is a bit like Vader – an extreme power-monger who will bring balance, eventually, somehow. But I’d rather not see him take the presidency in order to do that. Maybe just his campaigning could be enough (if only . . .).

      Yeah, “billionaire maverick” is the technical truth, and I considered it, but it’s not alliterated 🙂

      • Apologies Julia, I just reread my comment, I see I didn’t compliment the music…be assured I still listen, and love hearing Cabin’s progress…your rendition of “All Shall be Well” is good antidote for despair. Sorry to tell you this, but you’re too good to for the music industry! And I know there are thousands in the same position. Struggle on…

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