Why? And Who? Sincere Questions I’m Afraid to Ask. But Asking Anyway.

Okay friends and readers, I’m writing a post that I really do not want to write. Politics is a very un-favorite topic of mine. On the other hand, this particular year, I feel compelled to open up this conversation.

In short, I’m trying to understand why Donald Trump is so popular, and with whom.

I have my opinions about these things. Journalists and pundits are busily broadcasting theirs.

But I’m interested in hearing from actual people I may be acquainted with. And in my own social world – physical and virtual – I really haven’t come across friends or acquaintances who support him; and when I imagine a Trump supporter, I have a hard time picturing anyone I personally know.

So am I that out of touch with my community, my country? I could easily identify many acquaintances as Ted Cruz supporters, and though I disagree with them, I feel like I basically understood where they were coming from.

But Trump. Why? And the question that haunts me even more, do I know anyone who’s supporting him, or are we such a polarized society that someone like me can be so isolated from the majority of Republican voters?

I welcome your comments and conversation here. Because this is a potentially VERY explosive topic, I will be moderating comments for respectfulness and do my very best to make this a safe place for genuine listening and conversation. It’s not easy for me to delete comments, but I’m willing to do that if I deem it necessary.

Also, if you are not a Trump supporter, I ask that you refrain from posting your own opinion about why people are supporting him. If you can relate a story or observations about actual people you know who are Trump supporters, that might be helpful. But there’s no need to explain why you disagree with them or with Trump. That’s a separate topic that I’m not interested in discussing here.

Alright, nervously pressing publish in 3, 2, 1 . . .


The larger concern is not he who I shall not name, but the fear and rage pulsing through the crowds he’s riding on.

Here’s my song for Week 9 of #songaweek2016. I wrote the words and did my best to perform them, but Nathan Bloom did *everything* else to make this track work!

My finger’s on your pulse, America, I’ve got you by the throat

I say what’s on my mind, that’s all it takes to get your vote

I make the cameras flash and the crowds roar

I excite you, entice you, leave you panting for more


What’s my name? Say it louder

What’s my name? Say it prouder

Feel the fire, feel the power

I’m a demagogic tower

I’m the savior of the hour

and you love me

no matter what I do

yeah you love me even more

when they tell you not to


You’re an angry adolescent raging against the machine

I’m a millionaire maverick in a limousine

and you believe in me when I say I’ll make you great

You’ll disown your family for me ‘cause you never liked them anyway


You’re burning up with fever, there’s a beam stuck in your eye

but you don’t want a doctor, just want me to keep you high

Here, let me strip off all those bandages and salt your open wounds

and trust me, I’ll be here to seize you when you swoon