The Foundry

Day 29 in my “Leaving Loveland” challenge.

One thing that’s been exciting about living in Loveland for the past four years is the amount of growth and revitalization that has happened, especially downtown where we live. This is still a smallish town (about 70,000 people), but downtown doesn’t shut down evenings and weekends like other small towns I’ve known.

And a good number of those restaurants and breweries and artist studios that make downtown an after-hours destination have opened since we’ve moved here.


But The Foundry (construction site pictured above, one block from our house) is definitely the biggest new thing happening downtown since we’ve lived here, and we won’t be around to see it completed. New housing and retail, including a movie theater, are planned for this space; which we were excited to hear because the only movie theater in town is a twenty-minute drive to the eastern edge at the fancy-schmancy Centerra shopping center, and we were looking forward to being able to walk to the movies. Oh well, not that we go to movies that often anyway.


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