Daylight Saving Time (Marching On)

We sprang forward last week. Because that’s what we do. I wrote this song on a gorgeous spring day, and recorded it on a snowy cold one. Ah, March.

Anyhoo, here it is, my song for week 11 of #songaweek2016.

the light and the birds are coming back

kids and the dog rolling in the grass

guess we’re happy here for another year

eggs in the coop laundry on the line

a fine-looking man who’s mine all mine

I’m a satisfied one for another month

tuck an hour away

get it back someday

pizzas in the oven, beer in the fridge

we’ll take a Friday night flight in the TARDIS

sweet sigh of relief for another week

the outside’s breezing through the house

blue sky getting scrubbed with fluffy clouds

think we’ll be okay for another day

tuck an hour away

get it back someday

marching, marching,

time keeps marching on

Still Moving

In spite of everything, I still believe . . .

Here’s my song for week 10 of #songaweek2016.

You’re the wind and

I’m the good girl

trying to keep her skirt in place

You’re the music

I’m the stoic

fighting the urge to dance

you are the light

but I’m trying to hide

You’re the bread and wine but I have to fast

you’re the question I’m afraid to ask

you’re the letting go, I can’t hold you in my grasp

but over, under, and right through everything

your still small voice still calls

You’re the road and I’m the traveler

you lay your body down

you make a way through wilderness

draw me to the next horizon

spread your spirit out

You’re the paper I’m the pen

you give me space to think

let me bleed all over you

and you wear the mess like it means something

You’re the wave and I’m the sand

I’m trying to stand firm

but you keep on changing me



The larger concern is not he who I shall not name, but the fear and rage pulsing through the crowds he’s riding on.

Here’s my song for Week 9 of #songaweek2016. I wrote the words and did my best to perform them, but Nathan Bloom did *everything* else to make this track work!

My finger’s on your pulse, America, I’ve got you by the throat

I say what’s on my mind, that’s all it takes to get your vote

I make the cameras flash and the crowds roar

I excite you, entice you, leave you panting for more


What’s my name? Say it louder

What’s my name? Say it prouder

Feel the fire, feel the power

I’m a demagogic tower

I’m the savior of the hour

and you love me

no matter what I do

yeah you love me even more

when they tell you not to


You’re an angry adolescent raging against the machine

I’m a millionaire maverick in a limousine

and you believe in me when I say I’ll make you great

You’ll disown your family for me ‘cause you never liked them anyway


You’re burning up with fever, there’s a beam stuck in your eye

but you don’t want a doctor, just want me to keep you high

Here, let me strip off all those bandages and salt your open wounds

and trust me, I’ll be here to seize you when you swoon


It snowed a lot last week here in Loveland. And I came across a photo of my college boyfriend. And I had a very sore throat but I still needed to write a song for the week.

And favorite old quotations from disputed sources make great song bridges.

And I love making music with Nathan Bloom.

Here’s my song for week 5 of Song a Week 2016:

It’s snowing outside like a blanket over everything

And you’re on my mind

We once loved like children headed for a diamond ring

And then we trailed off

Now I’m happy with the path my life has taken

And you’re looking fine

But there were twists and turns where I was mistaken

Some extra miles I wish I had walked

If I had it now to do over I’d be kind

I would treasure your heart, and spend less time prospecting mine

If I had it now to do over, I’d be kind.

Back in junior high things were cut and dry

Everybody just understood

There were kids who always got laughed at

And kids who always looked good

I was never the one leading the charge

But I was fine to just stand around

And watch the uncool kids taking the hits

Keep their position close to the ground

If I had it now to do over I’d be kind

I would treasure their hearts, and spend less time prospecting mine

If I had it now to do over, I’d be kind.

Be kind, for everyone you meet

Is fighting a great battle.

The world outside’s all snowy like an empty page

And I’m ready to write

Your best days are never behind you

Unless you turn your back on your life

And all the people you want to have close to you

Are as close as they’re gonna come

You only need to reach out your hands

and take the hands reaching back for your own

We have each other right here, right now, let’s be kind

I’ll try to treasure your heart, spend less time prospecting mine

While we’re standing here in this moment I’ll be kind.